“Dr. Adam Schwartz is very skilled, works with lots of care and shows real concern for his patients’ welfare. Many thanks for the great treatment I have received!”
– Stan H.

“Although I am a ’seasoned’ dental patient, I would not have to be to appreciate the thoughtfulness and good dentistry I receive from Dr. Schwartz and his staff.

Their friendliness and courteousness are topped only by their competence and skill! I would highly recommend, and have done so, Dr. Schwartz to anyone seeking excellent dental care.”

– Sue S.
“First, I have to thank you again for EVERYTHING! Not only am I proud to smile, but I now have a different level of confidence when meeting people and communicating. In addition to how much better I look, it is remarkable how much better my mouth feels. You have really accomplished an extraordinary transformation in my life.”

– Lois S.

“I am very happy with Dr. Schwartz and his staff. Everyone is so friendly and professional. I feel very welcome there. I am also happy with my veneers. They did not hurt when Dr. Schwartz was working on me. It was a two-day procedure and it all went real fast. I feel very confident and I love my teeth when I smile.”
– Lisa G.
“After consulting with a couple of dentists, I chose Dr. Schwartz and I am extremely happy that I did so. He understood my needs and implemented a treatment plan that satisfied me. He was always concerned about my comfort when working on my teeth. His staff is very knowledgeable and competent.”
– Janice R.
“As a resident of the Washington D.C. metropolitan area for many years, I am very pleased to share my experience as a patient of Dr. Adam D. Schwartz. He has been very patient, knowledgeable and informative with the many issues that have arisen in recent years regarding my dental care. In addition, he makes major efforts to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and methodologies allowing me as his patient, a high quality service experience. With his expanded knowledge, I am able to complete all dental work necessary within his special domain. As a healthcare professional, I have recommended Dr. Schwartz to many patients who have also found his mode of operation to their liking. In addition, his office staff are very amendable and patient service oriented. The Brandywine Dental Care team work well together, and I will continue to recommend them to any who inquire.”
– Barry D., R.Ph.
“The world of entertainment requires a beautiful smile. Having you, Dr. Schwartz, as my dentist has given me the smile that helps me to win over audiences when I appear on stage.”
– Gregory “Guitar Greg” G.
“I have been coming to Dr. Schwartz for quite some time. He makes me feel like part of his family. He and his staff are the very best. I would not go anywhere else.”
– LaSandra J.
“Five stars! I have only positive things to say about Dr. Schwartz and his dental practice. They attend to my needs and go out of their way to fit my budget and time frames. The staff is very kind and cooperative. I trust them and would not think of taking my business anywhere else. I recommend it highly.”
– Nathalie S.
“Dear Dr. Schwartz, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to smile now with ease and actually feel proud to show my teeth. I was embarrassed for many years to smile, and now I often get complimented on what beautiful teeth I have. Even with the extensive work that had to be done, you and your staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. I appreciate that you took the time to find out the exact outcome that I was looking for, and couldn’t be happier. My co-worker recently had excruciating tooth pain and I referred to you. She was taken right away and came back to the office to say how much she liked you and the problem was resolved. I highly recommend Brandywine Dental Practice!”
– Jill K.
“Dr. Schwartz and his friendly and caring team carry on a long tradition of quality dentistry. My family have been patients at this location for more than 30 years. Dr. Schwartz is moving the practice forward, with new technologies and expanded offices to provide his patients with more comfortable and modern dental care options.”
– Janet B.
“I have perfect teeth. A year ago I would have said ‘had perfect teeth’ when a bit of tomfoolery resulted in a chipped front tooth that required a root canal and some cosmetic dentistry to fix it up. I was devastated when Dr. Schwartz told me he had to remove the nerve and apply a veneer, not only on a cracked tooth-right in the center up top, but also to its neighbor, since the two top front teeth should match like twins. Root canal aside, I was worried about how I would look. We’re talking about my smile here, the two most important teeth in a smile. They were perfect. Would they be perfect again? Not only did Dr. Schwartz’s staff help me navigate the procedure with my insurance company and save me the most possible in out-of-pocket expenses, but Dr. Schwartz made me the most picture-perfect identical looking veneers for my teeth. Identical to the point of even having that little bit of natural coloring in teeth, not the bleached neon white look that clearly screams ‘FAKE.’ Because of the excellent work of Dr. Schwartz and his team, I can confidently smile and still look completely natural. I have perfect teeth.”
– Stacy
“We will stay patients of Dr. Schwartz not only because of his skills, but also because the Brandywine Dental staff make a visit to the dentist easy, dare we say …. fun?”
– Jodie
“I must say that I have had nothing but exceptionally fine dental services from Brandywine Dental Care during the past two years that I started seeing them as a patient. The quality of service and excellent customer service from Dr. Adam Schwartz and his professional staff are second to none. All my family members are patients of the Brandywine Dental Care practice. Thanks to Dr. Schwartz I can say that i enjoy a ‘Hollywood Smile.’”
– Capt. Edwin V.
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